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Polymer Additives

SABO is a leading supplier of polymer additives, and one of the largest manufacturers of HALS (Hindered Amine Light Stabilizers) globally. Our products add value by extending the lifetime of plastic materials, providing special effects through surface modification, and reducing the consumption of natural resources. As a result of our commitments to our customers and to the plastics industry, we have achieved steady growth since entering the market in 2007.



High crop yields are essential to the agricultural industry as the global population continues to increase, and concerns over food scarcity grow.

Agricultural films promote a consistent growing environment, optimize the use of water and pesticides, and protect crops against exposure to extreme weather, all while providing high light transmission and barrier properties.

Applications: greenhouse film, mulch film, bale wrap, nets, and twine.

SABOSTAB® UV stabilizers provide UV protection and extend film life.  Field trials in greenhouse films with our newest system SABOSTAB® UV 216 demonstrate superior protection even under conditions of high pesticide use.

SABOFOG® and SABOSTAT® anti-fog additives deliver long-lasting performance to greenhouse films, providing consistent light transmission, preventing plant damage from lens effects, and reducing water dripping.


Plastics are increasingly used in automotive applications where they are valued for their contributions to light-weight solutions, fuel efficiency, comfort, and safety, as well as their unparalleled design flexibility.

Applications: bumper fascia, instrument and door panels, interior and exterior trim, seating surfaces.

SABOSTAB® UV stabilizers provide UV protection for all kinds of automotive plastics.  Our newest systems SABOSTAB® UV 228 50PP and SABOSTAB® UV 229 50PP provide outstanding light stability to automotive polypropylene (PP) and TPO applications with minimal VOC contribution.

SABOSTAT® antistatic additives are used to reduce dust pickup in automotive interior parts.

Sport and leisure

Plastics can be found everywhere in sport and leisure applications, from artificial turf to stadium seats, tracks, sport courts, safety equipment, and footwear, as well as toys for children.

SABOSTAB® UV stabilizers provide UV protection to plastics in all kinds of sport and leisure applications.

SABOSTAB® UV 119 remains the best choice for artificial turf applications, providing a long turf life – even with crumb rubber infill – plus low pigment interaction to ensure a high color yield.

Building and Construction

Plastics offer unique benefits over traditional materials in building and construction applications, including long-term durability, corrosion resistance, low maintenance, ease of installation, insulating properties, and lighter weight.

Applications: roofing membranes, geomembranes, pipe, wire and cable, siding, flooring, decking, window profile, shutters, and non-woven house wrap.

SABOSTAB® UV Stabilizers improve long term retention of physical properties, while reducing color fade, enhancing gloss retention, and ensuring water-proofing durability.


Plastics are preferred packaging materials due to their combination of strength, flexibility, light weight, and barrier properties.  They enhance food safety without affecting taste or quality.  The industry continues to rely on traditional plastics while introducing new, compostable biopolymers.

SABOSTAT® antistatic additives prevent static build-up in electronics packaging, reduce dust pickup and enhance processibility.

SABOFOG® anti-fog additives prevent fogging under hot and cold conditions in packaging films, keeping foods looking fresh and appealing longer – even in biodegradable and compostable applications.

Products are available that have been cleared for use in food contact applications in the EU, USA, China, Japan, Brazil, and other countries.