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Perfomance Intermediates

Derivatives of TAA, acronym for the common name Triacetoneamine, are important intermediates for a variety of high-end products. As major part, TAA derivatives serve as key components for manufacturing light stabilizers for polymers.

Product Families


Manufacturing of UV stabilizers

TAA derivatives are the core components of HALS (Hindered Amine Light Stabilizers), additives used to stabilize polymers which are exposed to intense sun light and thermal stress.
HALS greatly increase plastic stability, preserve polymer properties enabling lifetime extension of plastic items and consequently the reduction of the fossil feedstock consumption.
The stabilizing property of these additives refers to their capability to intercept thermos and photooxidative degradation of polymer chains by regenerative radical scavenging.


SABO offers one reactive HALS molecule called Triacetondiamine (TAD) that is primarily used for grafting during the polymerization of various polyamide grades. The advantage of the bonded TAD lies in the immobility of active moiety of the molecule. Therefore, it cannot migrate out of the material and over time there is no physical depletion of the stabilizer, efficiently preventing heat- and light-induced degradation.
Additionally, TAD enhances the dyeability of PA6 fibers and their processing properties by reducing yellowing and the rate of fibers breakage.