Investing in talent for sustainable business growth

For SABO, offering high-potential employees the opportunity and stimulus to develop professionally and grow as part of the company is hugely important. A first, key step in this direction was the SABO Academy, a professional development initiative for graduates and early-career professionals that was designed to cultivate the organisation and leadership skills of the next generation of company management.

The initiative, which concluded in December 2020, saw fourteen SABO team members attend a training and development programme at our chosen partner institution, the LIUC University.

Communication, innovation and sustainability: the 3 projects of the SABO Academy

Over the course of the programme, the participants were able to strengthen their working relationships and generate an enduring team spirit. Taught classes were followed by a group project phase, allowing the participants to put what they had learned into practice. Three groups were each assigned a project by the SABO management team relating to one of the following areas:

  • Communication: development of tools for effective internal communication;
  • Innovation: redesign the process for R&D projects;
  • Sustainability: green chemistry principles at SABO.

At the end of the project, each group presented a proposal to the SABO management. The results, which revealed a variety of different approaches, were so impressive that the management team has decided to implement the proposals within the company systems.

The SABO management team remains committed to providing employees with effective and stimulating professional development and is evaluating modules and a range of training models for implementation in the near future.