SABO S.p.A. ends the year by publishing its first Sustainability Report 2022, the outcome of an in-depth reporting process carried out by SABO S.p.A., in collaboration with its technical partner Collectibus, with the aim of informing its stakeholders about the company’s economic, social and environmental performances.

For SABO the need to draw up the first Sustainability Report arises from an answer to the market’s and the community’s requests, but first of all from the company’s awareness about the opportunity to play a role in the global movement for a sustainable future.

For this reason, the company has created a name, a signature that marks and underwrites SABO’s commitment to its path towards sustainability: SABO – Sustainable Awareness Beyond Objectives, the acronym enclosing the essence of this journey, giving it uniqueness and transparency.

Today more than ever, the Sustainability Report represents a strategic tool to showcase the company in all its facets and its development through past, present and future.

A strategic plan for sustainable development over the next three years is available inside the document, as proof that what we have done today is only the first step of a long journey that the company has embarked on.


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