The deep knowledge of the market, of the needs of clients and consumers, have led the 4 Business Unit of SABO to evolve with constancy and competence, to strengthen its offer with certified processes and products, and to be recognized as an international player.
Today, SABO is one of the international market’s most trusted, dynamic producers of polymer additives, cosmetics ingredients and specialized products for a broad variety of zootechnical and industrial applications.

Headed by a team with a wealth of international experience, and with annual turnover of € 180 million and operations in 70 different countries, SABO has established itself as a trusted, flexible partner and supplier to major players in multiple industrial sectors.

Polymer Additives

The launch, in 2007, of SABO’s own SABOSTAB® UV brand marked a turning point in terms of both the company’s overall evolution and its positioning on the global market. Produced using state-of-the-art technologies, SABO®STAB UV products are added to plastic materials, protecting them against degradation caused by sunlight and extending their effective lifespan, with significant benefits in all areas of application.
With a comprehensive offering and dynamic presence on the world’s most industrialized markets, over just a few years, SABO has become the one of the world’s largest producers of HALS (Hindered Amine Light Stabilizers).

Product Families:

  • SABOSTAB® Light stabilizers (HALS)
  • SABOSTAB® UV Absorbers
  • SABOSTAT® Antistatic additives
  • SABOFOG® Anti-fog additives


Personal Care

SABO’s Personal Care business unit supplies and manufactures a comprehensive range of ingredients for cosmetics products, designing solutions not only to satisfy the demands of the existing market, but also to anticipate future trends and developments.
Through a combination of acquisitions, patents, and strategic partnerships, SABO has consolidated its profile and presence in the personal care sector and is perfectly positioned to fulfill the demands of its clients-including in terms of standards compliance-and respond proactively to the challenges of the market.

Product Families:

  • Emulsifiers for Personal Care products
  • Emollients for healthier hair and skin
  • Functional additives for personal hygiene applications
  • Blends with multiple properties for combined applications


Feed Additives

SABO has developed an extensive range of multifunctional emulsifiers manufactured in dedicated, highly automated facilities to ensure the highest quality standards.
The company has obtained FAMI-QS certification and adopted diversified procurement strategies for sustainable and GMO-free raw materials to ensure optimal reliability and consistency of supply.
Through close collaboration and the exchange of knowledge and expertise, SABO and its clients are able to develop innovative solutions meeting the demands of an ever-changing market.

Product Families:

  • Technological additives (E484, E433)
  • Premixtures
  • Emulsifiers for vitamins

Industrial Surfactants

SABO manufactures and supplies products for multiple sectors, from agrochemicals, inks and coatings and emulsion polymerization to textiles and leather production. Being used in a vast variety of applications, they primarily act as surfactants, emulsifiers and solubilizing agents.
Working closely with its clients, SABO has developed a comprehensive range of sustainable core technologies for the manufacture of common, everyday products. With trademark flexibility and specialized expertise, SABO delivers outstanding quality, guiding clients through the process of identifying and selecting the best solution for their specific requirements.

Product Families:

  • Sulfosuccinates
  • Ethoxylated alcohols and ethoxylated amines
  • Ethoxylated castor oil
  • Sorbitan esters and polysorbates
  • Polyglycol esters and phosphate esters