Early in the morning, the water that forms the condensed layer on the internal side of greenhouse films, gets lit by the sun light creating vapor. When the temperature outside of the greenhouse raises faster than inside, the water vapors condense in the air forming mist.

Without doubts this is a fascinating phenomenon; however, farmers know that mist has a negative impact on the plants. The leaves may be exposed to formation of mold and mildew. Additionally, mist blocks out the sun’s rays for hours during the cold mornings slowing the plants photosynthesis and leading to lower growth and productivity.

Aiming to prevent this undesired phenomenon, SABO developed its anti-mist additive named SABOFOG® M1. The product, launched in 2019 at the K-show in Dusseldorf (Germany), was successfully tested during the whole 2020 by greenhouse film manufacturers and by farmers located in the main agricultural areas of the Mediterranean region.

The principle of action is simple and effective: SABOFOG® M1 reduces drastically the water film thickness formed on the greenhouse covers by improving the water flow in the ground. Mist formation is therefore reduced thanks to lower degree of water evaporating in the greenhouse space.

SABOFOG® M1 is typically used in a synergistic combination with anti-fogs additives such as SABOSTAT® A300, SABOFOG® MS-P, SABOFOG® PGS and SABOFOG® PGL. Suitable for PE and EVA based films, the additive is available in two physical forms: 100% active product in liquid form and 40% active in EVA pastilles for convenient handling and accurate dosing during masterbatch manufacturing.


For additional information please contact: polymeradditives@sabo.com.