This is a great achievement thanks to the excellent team-work at all company level!
Along Sabo’s long history of growth and transformation, it reflects the enterprise stability and its corporate solidity. This provides recognition for Sabo’s capability to consistently deliver value in today’s highly demanding and fast changing business environment.
Now for the future, this certification engages Sabo to further providing sustainable and innovative products and solutions to each of its market segments. It encourages everyone at SABO to continue committing to the high-quality relationship with its customers, business partners and communities.

SABO is a world leader in the development and manufacturing of specialty chemicals and ingredients used in a wide range of markets, including additives for polymers & coatings, cosmetic ingredients, and specialty chemicals for industrial applications. As a privately held company with over 80 years of experience in chemical manufacturing, Sabo’s strengths include a high level of flexibility, strong chemical process expertise, and a proven ability to provide products meeting customer requirements for quality and performance.