SABO has chosen the path of sustainability, a commitment with many parts, all leading in the same direction: protecting natural resources, adopting responsible processes and behaviours, reducing our environmental footprint and offsetting CO2 emissions.

With these goals in mind, for the last three years, SABO has been working with leading energy consultants FEDABO, in the first place to identify the most beneficial purchasing opportunities in the energy carrier market, but also, in parallel, to explore concrete solutions for reducing its environmental footprint by optimising energy consumption and recovery across its operations.


SABO, supporting the Ecosistema FEDABO woodland regeneration project

We are proud to announce that, after agreeing a new contract with Fedabo to explore the installation of a cogeneration system at our headquarters in Levate, we have also been able to make a tangible contribution to protecting a woodland ecosystem!

As part of the Ecosistema FEDABO project, for every new purchase order received, regeneration work will be carried out on an additional 250 m² of natural woodland along the Oglio River in the Valle Camonica, just a few kilometres from Fedabo’s own headquarters.


Our support for this initiative is a concrete expression of SABO’s commitment to reducing CO2 emissions and to working with environmentally responsible partners like Fedabo. It forms part of a much wider, coordinated sustainability strategy for which we will be providing data, results and updates as time goes on.