We are proud to announce that, as of today, SABO products related to the Polymer Additives business unit are registered trademarks. 

This represents yet more enhancement and reinforcement of our chemical solutions, the fruit of many years’ experience and innovation in support of our customers.


The product families concerned are as follows:

  • Light stabilisers (HALS and UV absorbers) under the new SABOSTAB® trademark
  • Anti-static additives under the new SABOSTAT® trademark
  • Anti-fog additives under the new SABOFOG® trademark

The rationale behind this operation was to boost the identity and value of key SABO products, by raising the prestige of the company’s reputation and reinforcing the value of SABO’s assets. 

The registration of these new brands also seeks to guarantee exclusive rights over the use and marketing of SABO-brand products, while simultaneously creating a legal barrier against their unauthorised use.

The registration of these initial, cutting-edge products will pave the way for the registration of other exclusive SABO solutions.