Integrated quality, environment, health and safety policy

SABO S.p.A. constantly pursues corporate objectives aimed at meeting the needs of its employees and all stakeholders as well as the development of its markets, investing in research, training and process improvement, in accordance with the fundamental principles of health and safety at work, quality, environmental protection and sustainability.
The Integrated Management System as a whole, and its constant adaptation to the evolution of the business and the reference regulatory environment, constitute a fundamental management tool, based on the principle of continuous improvement, for monitoring and optimising business processes through the adoption of best practices dictated by international reference standards.
For this reason, the Company has implemented and maintains an Integrated Management System based on the ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001:2018, FAMI-QS, QS-SCHEME, GMP EFfCI and RSPO standards, in the context of a modern, efficient and sustainable organisation, and considers this as an essential guiding principle for achieving business objectives, with a view to continuous progress.

In order to support this virtuous principle, the Top Management of SABO S.p.A. undertakes to:

  1. Operate in such a way that all products placed on the market meet the quality and performance specifications of the service expected by the customer and are manufactured in accordance with current legislation or voluntary compliance with regulations, always respecting and protecting the environment, the health and safety of workers, food safety aspects and contamination prevention (GMP), and also considering eco-compatibility aspects from the design phase;
  2. Ensure that all customer or third party complaints, non-conformities, deviations, accidents or injuries are analysed to identify the causes and implement appropriate corrective or preventive actions;
  3. Manage business processes according to the principles of continuous improvement, assessing and reducing any type of risk arising from changes such as the introduction of new raw materials, new products or new processes, and ensuring the use of the best available technologies that are economically viable, in accordance with the principle of sustainable development;
  4. Plan activities strategically, taking into account its own risks and opportunities, and to maintain an effective integrated management system in synergy with all company functions in order to achieve the objectives set;
  5. Involve suppliers and outsourcing companies to monitor the procurement of products and services to ensure compliance with their H&S and environmental management systems.
  6. Promote a culture of safety and the prevention of injuries and accidents by implementing the appropriate technical, organisational, health and hygiene measures, with the aim of carrying out all activities in such a way as to avoid the risk of injury or occupational disease to its employees, suppliers, visitors and customers, and to avoid damage to plant, equipment, buildings, materials or other property as a result of accidents, fires or other hazardous situations;
  7. Eliminate hazards and reduce health and safety risks in the workplace;
  8. Provide adequate resources to fulfil the obligations of this Policy, ensuring that employees and their representatives (WRs) are consulted and involved at every relevant stage of the process, and require everyone to behave in a manner that does not put themselves or others at risk, in accordance with applicable laws, this policy, and established procedures.
  9. Protect and enhance the environment by taking the necessary measures to prevent pollution and promote biodiversity;
  10. Reduce the environmental impact of its production activities, waste disposal and consumption of natural resources, also by effectively monitoring discharges and emissions and by favouring recycling and/or reuse;
  11. Ensure the commitment to take the necessary measures to prevent fraud/adulteration and to protect the organisation (certified according to the FAMI-QS standard) from possible illegal and terrorist activities within its supply chain.
  12. Ensure a level of security appropriate to the characteristics of the site and the information it processes;
  13. Effectively promote the training and involvement of staff so that they can express themselves in the best possible way, with professionalism and awareness of quality, safety and environmental aspects, each according to their specific skills and the activity they carry out;
  14. Ensure the systematic consultation and participation of workers in order to spread the culture of health and safety in the workplace as well as promote behavioural changes and promote the creation of thematic work committees;
  15. Define improvement objectives and indicators, taking into account all relevant aspects related to quality (with special emphasis on GMP aspects), environment and occupational health and safety in each action/decision taken, and monitor them through continuous reviews;
  16. Cooperate with the Competent Authorities, local communities and all stakeholders to develop a relationship of mutual trust, prevent all forms of pollution and manage any emergencies, minimising their internal and/or external effects as much as possible;
  17. Comply with the legal requirements, the relevant regulations and the legislation in force and operate in full compliance with the jurisprudence, regulations and directives, both national and Community, and to carry out continuous monitoring through compliance checks;
  18. Ensure respect for internationally proclaimed human rights and the well-being of the people who work for the company (employees), those who work with the company (suppliers and business partners), and the communities in which the company operates.
  19. Effectively disseminate the policy throughout the Company and externally, stimulating dialogue with the authorities, with all employees, customers and suppliers in order to disseminate and make the improvement programmes and the results achieved understood.

These principles can only be fully realised through the involvement, direct participation and empowerment of all employees, each according to their own roles and responsibilities, as well as suppliers, customers, and all those who interact with the company.
This Policy will be a constant reference during the periodic reviews to evaluate the results achieved and identify new ones, in line with the company’s approach to continuous improvement of business processes.
The Integrated Quality, Environment, Health and Safety Policy is reviewed annually by the Top Management to ensure that it remains appropriate, consistent, and relevant to the specific activities.

Issue No. 1 – revision 0 – Date: 17/02/2023