Integrated quality, environment, health and safety policy.

SABO SpA’s business objectives are aimed at client satisfaction and the growth of its markets, investing in research, training and the improvement of its processes, in accordance with the fundamental principles of health and safety at work, quality and environmental protection.

The Integration of Management Systems, based on ISO Standards ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001:2018, FAMI-QS, QS-SCHEME, GMP EFfCI e RSPO, is an essential key principle in achieving business objectives and continuous improvements in the context of a modern, effective and sustainable organization.

To support these worthy principles, Sabo SpA’s Management commits to:

  • Operate in a manner which ensures that all products placed on the market satisfy the quality and efficiency specifications expected by its Clients and are produced in compliance with current regulations including where optional, whilst always respecting and protecting the environment, health and safety of workers, food safety issues as well as contamination prevention (GMP), with due consideration of eco-compatibility from the design phase onwards;
  • Ensure that all client complaints, disputes with relevant third parties, non-conformities, identified deviations from normal practice, accidents and injuries are analyzed so as to identify their cause, and implement appropriate corrective or preventive actions;
  • Manage company processes according to the principles of continuous improvement, assess and reduce every category of risk arising from process change, such as the introduction of new raw materials, new products, new processes, and procure the best available and economically appropriate technology, in accordance with sustainable development;
  • Strategically plan all activities, assessing related risks and opportunities, and maintain an effective integrated management system that works in synergy with all the company’s functions to achieve its objectives;
  • Involve suppliers and companies who provide outsourcing, to monitor their supply of products and services to ensure that they conform to Sabo’s management system regarding OHS and environmental matters;
  • Promote a culture of safety and the prevention of injuries and accidents, implementing appropriate technical and organizational measures for work health and hygiene checks, so activities can be undertaken without occupational injuries or illnesses to employees, suppliers, visitors and clients, and without damage to plant, equipment, buildings or materials or any other property through accident, fire or other hazard;
  • Eliminate hazards and reduce risks to OHS;
  • Make available adequate resources to fulfill the commitments of this Policy ensuring, at the same time, that employees and their representatives (RLS [Workers’ Representatives For Health, Safety & the Environment]) are consulted and involved in every phase of the process; and require that everyone conducts themselves so as not to expose themselves or others to risk, and in compliance with relevant legislation, with this Policy and with defined processes;
  • Protect and improve the environment adopting measures necessary to prevent pollution;
  • Reduce the impact on the environment of activities relating to production, waste disposal and natural resource consumption, whilst implementing effective controls on discharges and emissions and opting to recycle and/or reuse;
  • Guarantee levels of security appropriate to the site’s attributes and any information held therein;
  • Effectively promote training and the involvement of personnel to facilitate the best possible and professional communication and awareness of quality, safety and environmental protection, as appropriate to each individual’s skills and particular rôle;
  • Ensure systematic employee consultation and participation to disseminate a culture of OHS, support changes in work methods and promote the establishment of Health and Safety at work committees;
  • Define improvement objectives and indicators, bearing in mind in relation to each action/decision all relevant aspects relating to quality (with specific focus on GMP aspects), the environment and health and safety at work, and monitoring such objectives and indicators through constant reviews;
  • Cooperate with Competent Authorities, local communities and any interested parties to develop relationships of mutual trust, to prevent any kind of pollution and to manage any emergencies, containing any effects whether internal or external as far as possible;
  • Respect and meet legal requirements, relevant regulations and current legislation, and operate fully within the law, regulations and directives at both national and Community levels, implementing continual compliance checks;
  • Effectively dissemininate the Policy throughout the Company and externally, encouraging dialogue with public authorities, collaborators, clients and suppliers, so they understand the improvement programme and results achieved.

These principles can be fully realized only with the involvement, direct participation and accountability of all personnel, each according to their particular rôle and skills, and the involvement of suppliers, clients and any other parties who have dealings with the Company.
This Policy will be the abiding reference document for periodic reviews, so results achieved can be assessed and new objectives identified in line with the Company’s aim to continuously improve its business processes.
The Integrated Quality, Environment, Health and Safety Policy is reviewed annually by Management to ensure that it remains suitable, appropriate and consistent with the Company’s specific activities.

Issue 0, Rev. 3, Date: 28th January 2021