Environmental labelling for packaging

According to the packaging labelling obligations for responsible entities & in order to allow the collection, reuse, recovery and recycling of packaging material, in below table you can find the identification codes of materials constituting packaging bodies, in accordance to Decision 129/97/EC. These codes are intended to be used as reference whenever not expressly indicated on the packaging itself:

Primary Packaging Type Component Numbering and abbreviation system
IBC housing body HDPE 02
cap HDPE 02
cap gaskets OTHER 07
drain valve body & cap HDPE 02
drain valve steel screw FE 40
drain valve components OTHER 07
drain valve gaskets OTHER 07
seal PP 05
cage and plates FE 40
angular protection shields HDPE 02
metal pallet FE 40 +  HDPE 02
Steel drums main body FE 40
cover FE 40
cover gaskets OTHER 07
metal cap FE 40
plastic cap PP 05
cap gaskets OTHER 07
closing ring FE 40
metal seal caps FE 40
Drums & Jerrycans for liquids components Packaging body HDPE 02
cap (DIN 30/51/60/85) HDPE 02
cap gaskets OTHER 07
diaphragm breather device OTHER 07
Open top Drums body of the container HDPE 02
lid HDPE 02
lid – gaskets OTHER 07
handles HDPE 02
closing ring FE 40
F-IBC Body of the packaging PP 05
in-liner LDPE 04
B lock HDPE 02
Plastic bag LDPE 04
Paper bag PAP22
Plastic bucket main body PP 05
lid PP 05
handle FE 40
Secondary Packaging Type Component Numbering and abbreviation system
Cardboard box PAP 20
Corrugated pads PAP 20
Cardboard corner protectors PAP 20
Wooden pallets FOR 50
Pallets’ nails FE 40
Adhesive tape PET 01
Pallets cover LDPE 04
Stretch wrap film LDPE 04
Label PP 05

Issue No. 1 – revision 0 – Date: 31/12/2022