The WHP programme proposes a healthy habits model to implement at the member companies, to ensure that every workplace is an active promoter of health.

It is therefore not only workplace safety that is at issue, but protecting all aspects of health, thanks to the introduction of good practices able to improve the well-being of employees and, consequently, benefiting their families and the local area in which they work.

Through a participatory process and with a view to social responsibility, companies who sign up to the Workplace Health Promotion programme undertake to establish a context that fosters the adoption of behaviour and choices that are positive for health.

SABO has integrated the WHP programme within its offices and facilities, thus confirming its support for the development of greater individual and social well-being, ensuring a better work/life balance and also creating more constructive relationships among the workers at the company.

This model makes no distinction between roles or different levels between employees, but groups them according to their willingness to introduce healthy and engaging habits into their daily lives.

The WHP programme also promotes a healthy diet, physical activity, safe and sustainable mobility, while simultaneously tackling smoking, alcohol abuse and addiction.

SABO is proud of having signed up to this project and obtaining such important recognition.


Find out more about the WHP programme from this link.