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Additives for Polymers
Replacing benzotriazoles?
SABO®STAB UV 312 is the non-discoloring alternative to benzotriazole UV absorbers.read more

UV Absorbers | Benzoate Light Stabilizers | SABO®STAB

Ultraviolet absorbers (UV absorbers) are essential for the light stabilization of polyurethanes, PVC, engineering plastics (polyamides, polyesters), adhesives, and elastomers. These additives function by competitive absorption of damaging UV radiation, much in the same way you protect your skin from the sun through the use of sunscreens. To be effective as light stabilizers, UV absorbers must absorb UV radiation much more strongly than the polymers that they protect, and must also be able to relax from their excited states rapidly and very efficiently. The process of absorption and relaxation can be repeated indefinitely in order to provide long term protection to the polymer substrate.

Benzoate light stabilizers are primarily used in plastics as synergists in combination with other light stabilizers (HALS and/or UV absorbers). These combinations often provide superior performance as compared to the individual components used alone. Like HALS, benzoate light stabilizers are believed to function by terminating photo-oxidation processes in polymers through chemical reaction with free radical intermediates. Combinations of benzoates and HALS are particularly useful in the light stabilization of polyolefins (especially PP and TPO), while combinations of benzoates and UV absorbers are highly effective in PVC, polyacetals, and polyesters.
SABO®STAB UV 1Liquid, non-discoloring formamidine UV absorber particularly effective for the light stabilization of polyurethanes (PUR) in applications such as microcellular foams and integral skin foams for footwear, conventional rigid and flexible foams, adhesives, sealants, and elastomers (spray, RIM, etc.). SABO®STAB UV 1 is conveniently added to PUR systems as a solution in the polyol component (polyether - or polyester - based).
SABO®STAB UV 37Benzoate light stabilizer that is a highly effective as a synergist when used with other types of light stabilizers. Combinations of SABO®STAB UV 37 with HALS and/or UV absorbers often show a light stabilization performance far exceeding that of the individual components used alone. These systems are especially effective for the light stabilization of polyolefins (PE, PP, TPO), PVC, polyacetals, and polyesters.
SABO®STAB UV 312Non-discoloring oxanilide UV absorber effective for use in plastics. Plastic applications for which the product is particularly effective include polyamides, PVC (rigid and flexible), polyesters (thermoplastic and thermoset), polyurethanes, adhesives, and sealants.