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Additives for Polymers
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Light Stabilizer Systems | SABO®STAB UV

SABO supplies fully formulated light stabilizer systems for plastics that have been tailored to meet the performance requirements of specific end-use applications. These systems take advantage of synergistic interactions between their components in order to provide unparalleled performance for even the most demanding applications. They are also more convenient to use as compared to multiple individual additives, and are supplied in product forms to facilitate handling and dosing.

Please be aware that the use of the product in certain applications may be subject to patent protection in some countries. Consult your Sabo representative for additional information.
SABO®STAB UV 216100% active light stabilizer blend mainly designed for the light stabilization of PE and EVA based greenhouse films. It provides outstanding UV protection to greenhouse films combined with highly persistent UV absorbance and superior resistance to aggressive agrochemicals
SABO®STAB UV 228 50PPHigh performance light stabilizer system developed to meet the requirements of PP and TPO for automotive interior applications, including excellent weatherability and low fogging/VOC's. It is also suited for general purpose use in PP and TPO injection molding applications (including both unfilled and mineral filled grades) and in PP film and tape. Other end use applications for which this product is ideal include PP and TPO automotive exterior parts, TPO roofing membranes, and PP outdoor furniture. The granular product form of SABO®STAB UV 228 50PP also facilitates handling and dosing.
SABO®STAB UV 229 50PPSABO®STAB UV 229 50PP is our newest high performance light stabilizer system for PP and TPO in automotive interior applications. Like SABO®STAB UV 228 50PP, this new system provides excellent weatherability and low fogging/VOC's. It is also suitable for use in other applications, including PP and TPO automotive exterior parts, TPO roofing membranes, PP outdoor furniture, and PP film and tape. The granular form also makes it easy to handle and dose.