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18/03/2019 - SABO to commercialize SABO®STAB UV 216, a robust & innovative UV stabilizer system for agricultural applications

After 6 years of development including accelerated weathering tests and extended field trials in Southern Italy and Northern Africa, SABO®STAB UV 216 system is now part of SABO Light Stabilizers’ portfolio.
SABO®STAB UV 216 has shown to provide outstanding thermal and UV protection to greenhouse films with proven resistance to agrochemicals ensuring 2 or more years lifetime even in the presence of high concentrations of Sulfur.
SABO®STAB UV 216 exceeds the pesticide resistance achieved by SABO®STAB UV 119, the well-known HALS broadly used to stabilize PE based greenhouse covers.
The new system is available globally.
For more information, please contact: enrico.galfre@sabo.com or additives@sabo.com.