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Company info and policy

Company info
Sabo S.p.A. - Via Caravaggi - 24040 Levate (BG) - Italy
Iscrizione al Registro Imprese di Bergamo e Codice Fiscale nr. 02097420026
Partita IVA - VAT number IT 02097420026 - R.E.A. BG nr. 366990
Capitale sociale interamente versato € 10.000.000,00

Company policy
Sabo S.p.A. pursues company objectives aimed at customer satisfaction, developing its markets, investing in research, training, improving its processes, in accordance with its founding principles of quality, occupational safety and environmental protection.
With this aim the company integrates the quality management system with its systems for environmental protection and safety in accordance with standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001; it also integrates the FAMI-QS and GMP EFfCIprinciples for specific product categories.

Therefore, the company establishes this policy committing itself to:
  • operate in such a way that all products marketed satisfy quality and service efficiency specifications expected by customers are realised in accordance with regulations in force or voluntarily adhered to, always respecting and protecting the environment and workers, also in consideration of eco-compatibility aspects beginning at the planning phase;
  • ensure that all customer complaints or disputes from interested third parties, non-conformities or deviations detected, accidents or injuries occurring, are analysed in order to identify the causes and implement appropriate corrective or preventive actions;
  • involve the main suppliers as potential partners in order to create added value between the parties;
  • manage the company processes according to principles of continuous improvement and sustainability, evaluating and minimising any kinds of risk arising from the introduction of new raw materials, new products or new processes and providing for the use of the best available technologies which are economically compatible;
  • promote safety culture and accident prevention, implementing the appropriate technical, organisational, health and hygiene measures;
  • reduce the environmental impacts deriving from productive, waste disposal and natural resource consumption activities, also implementing effective control of waste and emissions;
  • guarantee security levels are suited according to the characteristics of the site and of the relevant information;
  • effectively promote staff training and involvement so that they can express themselves at their best, professionally, and be aware of quality, safety and environmental protection aspects, each according to their own specific abilities and performed activities;
  • cooperate with the competent authorities, local communities and all interested parties to develop a relationship of reciprocal trust, prevent any form of pollution and manage any emergencies limiting the internal and/or external effects as much as possible.

The company periodically defines objectives and programmes on the basis of the above policy and makes the necessary resources available, monitoring the respect of what disposed.
Regarding the relevant accident risks debated in national D.Lgs. 334/99, please refer to the specific "Policy for the prevention of relevant accidents".
In order to guarantee awareness and application on all levels, this document will be shared within and outside the organisation in paper and electronic format.